Storage & Processing

Connected Insurance typically generates anywhere between 10 Mb to 100 Mb of new information per user, per month.  When compared to the information generated by policyholders of more traditional insurance products, the difference is astronomical.

Command Center has evolved in the past decade to extend from a powerful telemetry processing system, to a complete connected insurance management platform.

Below you'll notice that Command Center manages far more than people think. 

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Business Information (Policy, billing, quotes, etc)

Command Center has the ability to provide a comprehensive overview of each account, providing information on policies, policyholders, vehicles, drivers, brokers, generating invoices, payments and claims by retrieving data from external systems.


Telematics/Biometrics Information

Actuaries have an unprecedented ability to create highly adapted scoring algorithms which will allow the creation of unique insurance products, based on real time information, leading to unparalleled underwriting and pricing capabilities, specifically tailored to specific segments.


Scoring, Rating and Gaming Algorythms

Providing policyholders with ‘rewards, not rebates’ is a great strategy to entice better and safer driving habits. Good drivers get rewarded with coins that can be redeemed to get free products.


Visuals and Texts used in web portals and mobile app

Our insurance partners have access to a central content hub, allowing to reuse content and digital assets across all touch points, enhancing customer experience.


Mobile App Configuration

Our solutions are powerful and flexible; Command Center unifies functionality and data from different core business applications into easy to use, configurable and branded mobile applications to meet today's consumer expectations.


Email, text, look & feel

Command Center has an integrated content management and communication workflow management capability, enabling digital marketers to easily manage content and run targeted campaigns to increase adoption, conversion and retention.


SMS & In-App Notifications

Command Center has a fully integrated content management and campaign management capability enabling digital marketers to create and distribute SMS and in-app push messages.


Overall System Configuration & Settings

Every setting, configuration, cohort and parameter entered in the Command Center by our insurance partners is their outright and exclusive property.  We provide the tools, our partners provide the know how.