End-to-end Architecture

The Baseline platform has a flexible and modular architecture that gives life and non-life insurance providers full control of their digital transformation. The platform acts as a hub – that unifies new digital initiatives and your existing landscape. It operates at the intersection of people, process, data, and devices and provides insurers a single platform to not only create usage based insurance programs, but also optimize enhance customer experience through both self-directed and assisted channels.

The Baseline solution offers a holistic approach to digitization that makes it possible to unify the data acquired from your customers and prospects mobile experience through one hub, Command Center, the “anchor” that orchestrates the digital experience.

By approaching customer engagement holistically across people, process, product and promotion while leveraging mobile devices, our insurance partners are one step closer to a model that is extendable, re-usable and customizable. Contrary to what may seem possible, digitizing your business — your whole business – is possible, and can be achieved quickly.

Through telematics based mobile customer journey orchestration, including seamless handover between channels and devices, customer information is made available on all touch points. With its strong focus on user experience (UX) design, Baseline gives you the flexibility to create on-demand apps based on the unique needs of each customer, that will drive your competitive differentiation.