Policy Administration

Command Center is designed to help insurers manage hi frequency, high touch, real time and very valuable customer communications in real time, and in a highly automated manner.



Connected policyholder 

Whether Command Center is used as the primary Policy Administration System, or simply as a replicate to an existing one, it simplifies all aspects of managing a policyholders needs throughout the customer lifecycle by seamlessly synchronizing all information between the 


Billing & Payment

Mobile commerce is not something insurers have had to spend much time thinking about, until now.  Command Center makes that simple too. 

Billing & Payment

Being proactive in times of need

Detecting accidents and helping customers when they are in need has never been easier with the powerful FNOL & Colision management tools in Command Center.

Claims agents are instantly notified of an incident, either reported manually by a policyholder via Basedrive, or detected automatically from a connected Basebit.

The entire process is managed and processed efficiently, providing a great customer experience when they need it most.



Repair assistance

Most of the time, motor vehicle accidents are minor, allowing your customer to drive to a repair center.  With Basedrive, your clients can find the ones you recommend nearest to them, without requiring much support.

Repair Providers