Our Vision: 

Transform the Way Insurance Programs Are Priced, Purchased & Perceived by Consumers

Every day, we search for ways to help people avoid harm, while having enough insurance and efficient assistance from the palm of their hand when bad things happen, as they often do. Our mission is not easy. We frequently make amazing discoveries and have failures as well. We feel it’s worth it however, because nothing is more rewarding than helping people live safer, more secure lives.

At a Glance

We’re a profitable, Canadian based, employee owned ‘Insurtech’ company which has had the privilege to work with over 20 insurance companies in over a dozen countries in the past two decades, consistently delivering programs and solutions based on telematics technologies which increase customer engagement, lead generation, loss ratio improvement, retention, differentiation and overall delightful client experience.

A few Numbers

  • Listed top vendor in our category in Gartner's insurance report for several years
  • Listed as a top telematics service provider by the Ptolemus group for several years
  • 50+ years of combined management industry experience
  • 30+ insurers worldwide with whom we've collaborated in the past 20 years
  • 25+ employees and permanent sub-contractors
  • 20+ implementations in progress or live
  • 8+ years ‘’live’’ Connected Insurance experience
  • Billions of km of auto driving data
  • Millions of km motorcycle driving data
  • Millions of monthly invoices and behavior scores
  • Several hundred thousand policyholders connected to Command Center
  • Tens of thousands of claims managed on Command Center

Some Highlights

  • First to implemented a flexible, monthly invoiced Pay-as-you-drive program in North America
  • We own 100% of the intellectual property that runs our solutions
  • We've been profitable since we've started connected insurance programs in 2009
  • Our income is generated from diversified sources of revenues
  • We have points of service in Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Portugal

Setting the Baseline

We're passionate about helping insurers navigate towards digital customer engagement solutions. Our experience at the cross section of insurance and the proliferation of smartphones, internet of things and now AI make us a trusted partner for many insurers.

To achieve great results, we build from what exists, our clients’ baseline systems, products and processes. We are here to help them evolve towards better ways of engaging with their policyholders, to meet their needs, desires and expectations with better products and solutions, and at their own pace.

The Beginning

In 1994, Baseline’s founder and CEO Paul-Andrée Savoie discovered the power of telematics in insurance, and he’s never looked back. Since then, his companies have implemented Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) solutions for over 20 insurance companies in 12 countries, saving over 200 million dollars in claims. Basically, you could say he was a key player in InsurTech before InsurTech was even a thing.

In 2009, things took an exciting turn, when Industrial Alliance, Insurance and Financial Services partnered with Baseline Telematics to develop the first-ever PAYD insurance product in Canada. Mobiliz.ca was launched and the insurance landscape in Canada was forever changed.

So was Paul-André’s vision, because he realized the real power of telematics was using it to deliver exceptional experiences to policyholders through engaging mobile apps that offered far more than UBI. He hired a team of developers and engineers, and in 2012, launched the Baseline platform, a SaaS built on AWS (Amazon’s Cloud) and a plethora of API’s to easily integrate with existing data, policy administration and claims management systems.

The Present

Extending the power of our platform is the only UBI smartphone app in production that enables insurers to quote, sell and price an insurance policy based entirely on the actual driving habits of a driver (kilometres driven and behind-the-wheel behaviour), which is obtained through gamification and telematics.

Our solution allows insurers to increase their ability to identify risk exposures and develop new insurance products that place the control of final pricing in the hands of their customers. Driving information is available via the smartphone app, weekly email updates and on the insurers’ personalized web portal, allowing drivers to see their driving habits and keep track of their insurance premiums in several ways.

How We Got Here

The rapid adoption and global success of our solutions is a testament to the relationships we have with our customers and partners to continuously innovate and deliver customer-centric solutions - together. We believe in a community of like-minded companies who all contribute to building new features and capabilities to deliver outstanding mobile experiences for policyholders, while simplifying policy administration and operations.

Baseline’s technology is already being used successfully for both car and motorcycle insurance in Canada and many international markets such as Brazil, France, Norway, several Latin American countries and the U.S. There’ve been trials and implementations for government insurers, commercial fleet insurers, driving schools and graduated drivers’ licensing programs. The solution also has the potential for expansion into other segments, such as life or health insurance (pay-as-you-live) and homeowners insurance (pay-as-you-dwell) in the near future.

What's Next

We’re very excited about the other revolutionary products we’re building thanks to all the inspirational input from our customers and partners, to fulfill a big need in the digital insurance space. We’re on a mission to redefine insurance with smart solutions that are mobile-first, designed by consumer behaviours and expectations, and that are far simpler than any traditional solutions out there.


Our Solutions