Creating successful mobile applications is a very challenging endeavor.  Doing so around an insurance product adds an extra challenge.  We've worked hard to make it easy for our insurance partners to customize their very own, personalized user experience, directly from Command Center.  This avoids having to do any custom app development, while always benefiting from new features and capabilities as they become available.


Feature Selection by Mobile User Status

It is simple to configure the mobile user experience to include or hide many features from our various Connected Insurance mobile applications, depending on the status of the user.


Branded Look & Feel

Marketing and brand management teams can configure how our Connected Insurance mobile applications will appear to mobile users, including colors, logos and texts.



User On boarding

It's simple to create and adapt effective user tutorials which guide users towards an optimal app experience.  In the mobile, there's only a short window to great a great first impression.  Successful on boarding is a key success factor.



Automated Workflows

Keeping mobile users engaged and on track requires will written and properly timed communications, sent via the appropriate channels.  Command Center allows marketing teams to create workflows to automate highly repetitive tasks


Message templates

It's simple to create rich HTML email templates, SMS templates or In-App push notification templates which can be automatically sent to mobile users by the automated workflows.


Real-time Chat Support

Despite all efforts to help users serve themselves within our Connected Insurance deployments, there are moments when users need live support. The most efficient means to help them; real-time instant messaging, built-in to Command Center. 

Live Chat