Connected Insurance programs are as unique as our insurance partner's underwriting and pricing policies. Creating new behavioral risk metrics requires actuarial curiosity, willing to adapt tried and true historical methods with the new capabilities brought by real time telemetry.   just as unique, if not more so.  We empower.  , we've designed Command Center in a way to allow each insurance partner to design, launch and iterate scoring algorithms as unique as create Build unique algorithms which convert behavioral information to live risk indicators.


Live view

Provides customer support personnel with very detailed views on the trips, scores and other geo-spatial information to help better serve mobile users and answer their questions.


Telemetry qualification

Converting real-time 'internet of things' telemetry into financial grade, premium affecting data requires powerful contextualization and filtering rules to validate information before using it for scoring.



Highly adapted scoring rules

Creating highly adapted scoring cohorts is essential to having a successful Connected Insurance program.  Balancing consumer expectations with realistic insurance pricing with real-time telemetry is a constant challenge for actuaries and product managers.  We've designed Command Center to make this easy and intuitive.



Pricing and underwriting insurance products based on real time information requires actuaries to look into the future, with less regard to the past than ever before.  To help validate decisions before they're made, Command Center has an tool that allows actuaries to calculate what a theoretical new scoring formula would look like if applied to historical telemetry information, which has already been scored.