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Connected insurance is a rapidly growing reality.  Providing policyholders with smartphone enabled insurance is no longer an option, but a requirement.  We recognize that insurers need to make two important decisions.

  1. Procure externally or build internally ?
  2. If external - from whom ?

Our commitment

We’ve learnt over our 20 years of experience that insurers are naturally risk averse, as they should be.  For this reason, we’ve aligned our solution pricing model so that we truly succeed when our partners do.



Learn, Test, Launch


No Capital Cost

success_based_licensing (1)

Success Based Licensing

Lower Claims Admin Costs

Allow your customers to submit a claim on any mobile device, by answering the appropriate questions and providing the right information, streamlines the claims process and reduces claims administration fees.

Detect & Reduce Fraud

Telematics allows for every trip to be recorded, seen on a map, driving patterns to be recorded to decrease fraud and overall bad driving behaviour.

Improve Loss Ratio

Reduce claims severity and frequency costs by helping make drivers safer

Increase Quote Conversions

Increase profitability by providing an easy to use, flexible, and responsive  solution which will convert more quotes, and provide more adapted pricing.

lead conversion and overall customer engagement and satisfaction.

Lower General Admin Costs

Lower operating expenses by offering a higher level of customer self-service options,  driving efficiency and improving cycle times.

Decrease Adverse Selection

A connected insurance solution attracts safer drivers because they know they are less of a risk and will obtain quotes that are reflective of that.

Increase Customer Retention

Customers have high expectations for digital access to all aspects of their accounts and policies. Improving digital customer interaction is the most effective sales strategy for insurers wanting to improve engagement, retention and ultimately the lifetime value of a customer relationship.

Decrease Customer Acquisition Cost

Customers prefer doing business via easy to use digital channels. With the Baseline platform, you can offer a distinctive digital experience to attract prospects and engage with customers, using their mobile device. An easy, self-service approach to onboarding reduces a customer’s acquisition cost.


  Workshop + TestDrive 

6 month Command Center Subscription


600 hours of professional services

A 3 to 5 day on-site design session

A 6 month, 20 user internal trial

Our commitment to be launch ready

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1% - 2.5%
of connected premium per/month
All inclusive iOS and Android smartphone app, branded to each insurer's needs.
  • - $0 for unlimited non-client users
  • - 1% rate for existing clients
  • - 2.5% for new clients via app quote
  • Unlimited number of mobile users
  • All existing & upcoming features
  • Multilingual capability
  • Telemetry recording & scoring
  • Product road map view & input
  • Upgrades monthly
  • Testflight & Firebase accounts
36 Month
All inclusive software subscription with unlimited users & monthly updates
  • An unlimited number of mobile users
  • An unlimited number of internal users
  • Dedicated technical account manager
  • 100% online self-help user guide
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • 99.8% SLA uptime guarantee
  • Data back-up & retention
  • Active security threat detection
  • Live product road map view & input
  • Upgrades monthly
  • Dev & Integration servers
Includes 2 requests per second / 10k users, connecting your existing systems
  • Connecting to your existing PAS
  • - Policy
  • - Claims
  • - Billing
  • Bi-directional synchronisation
  • Connecting to your BI tools
  • Pushing telemetry to your Data Lakes
  • Pushing comm's to your e-mail & SMS
  • All new API's as they are added
  • Supports all main data stores

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other costs for initial set-up?

No.  We license our platform in a way that aligns our financial success with yours.  There are no up-front or ongoing development of maintenance costs beyond our monthly licensing.

Is it possible to launch more than one app on a single account?

Yes.  With one single Command Center account, it is possible for an insurer to manage several mobile applications, and configure connected insurance programs to cater to the needs of your clients who have purchased multiple coverage types (Auto, Home, Life, Health).


Seeing is Believing

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  • 20 + connected insurance projects 
  • Millions of policyholders already connected
  • Insurance partners spanning the globe

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