Normally, here’s where we’d talk about all of our amazing perks, our off-the-grid offices worthy of our start-up culture and our many benefits. That’s company culture, isn’t it ? Of course we have amazing working conditions and benefits and it’s fun to work at Baseline. For us, our culture is more than benefits, it’s a way of seeing things, together.

At Baseline, we work in the latest cloud, mobile, big data and AI technologies, using the best DevOps techniques every day.  Our goals are audacious, our customers expect no less of us.

We must quickly and constantly adapt in a marketplace that never ceases to evolve.  This pace isn't for everyone, so we've worked hard on being able to clearly communicate what aligns us, what colleagues typically expect from each other, and what our team can expect from Baseline.



Driven, maybe even slightly obsessed, about working together to make things happen.



Fostering a mutual respect in our environment where we can be ourselves. 



Doing things differently because we know there’s always a better way.



When how you do things is as important as why to do them, what we build has to be better.



We must trust each other, be authentic and vulnerable.  Taking risks and having courage is non negotiable, neither is owning our mistakes, strengths and weaknesses.

Change is the only constant

Innovation, it’s what we are, but it comes with its fair share of instability and uncertainty. Trial and error, learning and evolving every day, always evolving.  We try things that don’t always please everyone. Honestly, it isn’t always easy and sometimes even uncomfortable.

But, we have a mission and audacious goals, so we talk through things. Baseline is a very demanding environment, but the efforts are rewarded in many ways, including flexibility, great learning opportunities and the means to achieve our career ambitions.

iStock-Change is the only constant