Imagine being able to price insurance on actual risks, in real time.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we know what’s important to insurers.

We've become pretty good at bridging the gap between insurers and their brokers, prospects and policyholders.  Industry statistics and historical data only go so far. With us, it is easy to create Connected Insurance products based on real time and historical telemetry, measuring and contextualizing risk like never before.


We've Done The Leg Work

Built atop a proven, turn-key and constantly evolving solution which allows you to effectively improve your customer engagement, while navigating your way through the new possibilities brought on by the vast proliferation of smartphones, usage based insurance, digital customer service channels and the quickly changing landscape of the insurance industry.


A Return on your investment

Before making any investments, it is essential to first create a business case which not only justifies the expense, but shows how great the return will be, over how much time and with what degree of certainty.

We help our insurance partners build their business cases during our initial Workshops, based on several easy to measure and tangible metrics which allow to isolate costs and returns, leading to the justification for the the effort and investment for Connected Insurance programs.

Most important KPI's we use:

  • Reduce claims administration expense ratios
  • Reduce combined loss ratios (Bodily Injury & Physical Damage)
  • Reduce general customer service costs
  • Reduce fraud costs (direct & analysis)
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs
  • Reduce client turnover
  • Increase new revenue streams from micro-insurance purchases
  • Increase new insurance sales by cross-promoting to banking clients

Bridging the Gap Between Insurers & Their Customers

Traditionally, policyholders have always felt misunderstood by their insurer, often feeling they're paying for the others poor risk profiles. Connected Insurance changes that perception. The asymmetry of information between insurers and their clients disappears, and the relationship evolves clients become more aware of their insurance is, what is causing pricing to change, and most importantly, what they can do to change it.

Imagine being able to price insurance on actual risks, in real time.

We work hard so insurers can focus on what they do best - insurance. We do the rest.

Attract & Retain Your Clients

Providing amazing insurance solutions with our partner insurers is essential to our mission.  Existing policyholders love the advantages of being connected, while prospects are just a click away from getting a personalized quote, based on their experience.

Distinguish the Best from the Rest

See right away the real risk of every user, whether a client or a prospect.  Our solutions allow insurers to distinguish the best risks from the worst. We help insurers focus their energy on the right clients, leaving the worse risks to their competitors.

Your Pricing & Underwriting

Our insurance partners each are responsible for creating and evolving their own connected based insurance pricing and underwriting rules with our technology and guidance.  We believe that connected insurance product management is our insurance partner's expertise, while making that possible is ours.

Connected Policy Administration

Command Center manages the entire policyholder life cycle including policy issuance, MVR records, vehicle registry, monthly invoicing, payments and claims notification.  API's allow easy integration to existing PAS systems, as needed.

100% Web Based Support

Whenever policyholder on one of our programs require assistance from their insurer, they simply need to access their smartphone app to self-manage the typical insurance related transactions.  Chat support is also available and is directed to you or your brokers.

Your Brand or Ours

Baseline has a variety of pre-configured Connected Insurance solutions built atop Command Center for personal lines, commercial fleet, government and large corporate E&O.  Some are white labeled (seen as the insurer's initiative), while others are run from one of our existing branded smartphone apps.

Show Customers You're Adapting

Crawl, Walk, Run

Ready to Go

By launching a Connected Insurance program, you're letting your younger prospects (and customers) know that you are evolving with the times and working towards being what everything else is for them, an intuitive, easy to use app on their smartphone. 

We know how hard it is to do anything innovative within the insurance industry.  This is why we've designed a step-by-step approach to innovating successfully.

We have programs which insurers can support as a sponsor before even launching a true Connected Insurance program which underwrites and prices based on real time information.  

Our solutions are all built atop Command Center, a powerful and proven connected policyholder engagement platform. Our insurance partners have built and launched innovative insurance solutions, ready to delight customers in a matter of months with little risk, and no surprises when it comes to quality, timing and costs.

A few reasons we're sure you should work with us 

Partner with the Best

We've provided innovative solutions to help insurers delight their policyholders for over two decades. Small enough to innovate quickly, big enough to meet the highly regulated requirements of our Fortune 500 insurance and bancassurance partners around the world.

Do What You Do Best

Building a Connected Insurance program with us requires very little marketing effort or technological expertise. We have the technological expertise, you have the insurance expertise. Together we work together to provide the best insurance solutions.

Manage Risks

Like any new business venture, launching a Connected Insurance program is not guaranteed to be successful.  Smartphone savvy policyholders have high expectations regarding anything they install on their phones.   We have the tools and experience to measure and maximise user adoption.

Advise Your Clients 24/7

Insurance has always been more valuable when combined with advice.  With our solutions, insurers and their brokers brokers can instantly provide advice where and when policyholders and prospect need it, right in the palm of their hands.

We're Creatively Compliant

Creating innovative Connected Insurance solutions often comes with important regulatory constraints.  We know how to successfully navigate the uncharted waters, meeting and exceeding local consumer privacy and insurance governance standards.

You're in the Driver's Seat

By deciding to launch a Connected Insurance program on our Command Center, our partner insurers are in full control when it comes to product configuration including reporting, coverage, deductibles, pricing, billing, underwriting, telemetry scoring, customer experience and much more.


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Geographic Exclusivity Available

We've had global ambitions since our first Connected Insurance program.  We know that in some cases, it makes sense to partner on a limited exclusivity basis with insurers, and in other cases, it's better to work with several in a complimentary way.  Contact us to find our more about which option could be the best for you.


We're Not Your Competitor

Although some Insurtech's have decided that they would themselves become insurers, either at their inception, or as a pivot to their original business model, we never will.  Our mission is to partner and help insurers around the world, and this means we'll never ourselves seek to become an insurer.

We prefer to work alongside great Insurers, developing great insurance solutions to delight policyholders.

Even when working with insurers on our multi-insurer platforms like Behaev, Drivn and Cityworks, each of our partner insurers manage their own unique insurance programs with their own Command Center account. 100% of the information is the sole property of each of our insurance partners and is restricted to be used only by each. 


We're great at helping insurers create better insurance

We know that it's all about the risk of underwriting. Everything else comes after.

Connected Insurance isn't a small shift from traditional insurance

Up until now, insurers have underwriters calculate the risk of covering a client by examining their past claims history, demographics and other historical information found to be predictive of risk.  It works, but requires very large data sets to be successful, which is why the big insurers keep getting bigger.  Today, we help smaller insurers level the playing field by allowing them to be the first to understand the new rules in pricing and underwriting, by looking at real time information, far more predictive of risk than lagging indicators.  We help insurers make the shift from basing pricing on perceived risk towards the actual risk, while creating products that policyholders prefer.


We improve risks, not just how they are measured

All of our solutions reinforce risk averse behaviors through gamification, for drivers, home owners, commercial drivers, healthcare policyholders and government employees.


Seeing is Believing

Let us show you the power of our solution, in action.

Simply fill in the form on the right and we'll send you more information about our solutions. Creating connected insurance programs has never been easier. We'd be delighted to share our experience with you.


  • 20 + connected insurance projects 
  • Millions of policyholders already connected
  • Insurance partners spanning the globe

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