Turning good behaviors into a game

With Command Center, it's easy to expand on your scoring algorithms to develop enticing and engaging rewards programs, allowing users to compete for leader board ranking, badges, coins, missions and real rewards.


Badges - Progressive achievements

There's no better way to encourage users to adopt risk averse behaviors than to recognize and reward them for doing so.  It is simple to create engaging programs which allow users to progressively advance in their journey than providing multi-level badges for their long term dedication to the various program expectations.   


Missions - Recognizing engagement

Rewarding users isn't only about measuring their performance.  With Missions, it is easy to create objectives which reward users with coins each time they accomplish them (either one time, or many times with a configurable delay between each success).  These objectives can include locations to physically go to, websites to visit, videos to watch, inviting friends or simply using the mobile app.  


Leaderboard - For the competitive types

This feature is very popular with mobile users, allowing them to compete with all other users, or their friends.  It's also possible to configure monthly leader board rewards and resets based on coins earned.



Rewards - Converting coins into cash

The final goal for users is to convert the coins they earn throughout the usage of the application into valuable prizes from participating retailers.  These can all be set-up, configured and managed in the Rewards section of Command Center.