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No Question Quotes

Non policyholders can easily request quotes and purchase a new policy from their smartphone, without needing to provide the usual pre-pricing questions, based on actual driving experience analysis.


Anytime a mobile user requests a quote, the request and response is stored in the Command Center proposals section. If a policy is bought, it is then linked to the Proposal, if no policy is purchased, the proposal can be linked to automated communications in the future to engage with the prospect. 


Car insurance designed for Smarphone mobile commerce 

Providing the ability for users to purchase car insurance from their smartphone requires a whole new purchasing experience.  Traditional web responsive online forms just won't meet expectations.  With Basedrive, completing a purchase is as simple as 8 clicks with no use of your keyboard.  Here's how:


1 simple pricing question

Confirming your existing profile information (1 click)


6 simple underwriting questions

Select coverage start date (1 click)



Select connected insurance type (1 click)

Monthly invoiced pay-as-you-go 
Monthly invoiced good driving discounts


Select deductible option (1 click)


Provide ID & Address (1 click)

Takes a picture of drivers license


Confirm vehicle details (1 click)

Takes a picture of vehicle registration or VIN



Confirm eligibility (1 click)


1 simple payment question

Select payment option (1 click)

  • Takes picture of Credit Card

A new car insurance policy can be issued in 8 clicks, without asking the user to type any information from their keyboard. 


If Pay-as-you-go insurance is purchased

When a user purchases a connected insurance policy which is invoiced monthly based on actual vehicle usage, we provide a small bluetooth device (Basebit) by mail to the vehicle owner's address.  Each step of this process can be tracked by the user; Order processed, In transit, Delivered, Properly installed.

Carbit Status
Basebit Installation

Device self-installation instructions

The user then installs this device in their vehicle's OBD diagnostic port within seconds.  The installation instructions and step-by-step confirmation are provided from within the Basedrive application.

If coverage starts at a future date, the user is informed of this on their dashboard.


Automatic micro-insurance coverage quotes

Once a user is insured, Basedrive can detect specific events which trigger micro-quotes (configured in Command Center by the insurer) directly on the users smartphone, with gentle push notifications.

Service on Demand
Travel Pack Details

Micro-insurance coverage details

Users can instantly read the micro-insurance coverage details they are being offered, including rating from others who have purchased it.

From this point, if they are interested, they simply select the coverage date range.


Micro-coverage payment

With one simple click, the user can select an existing payment method and confirm their micro-insurance purchase.  Confirmation of the coverage start and end are automatically sent via an in-app notification.

Claim requests are originated and handled from Basedrive as well, for a seamless user experience.

Micro Payment Confirmation