Link to policy 1


Link to Policy 

Through the app, existing policyholders can easily link to their accounts to access their account information, allowing them to view and/or update their accounts and policies from any device.

  • Select insurer
  • Enter Driver's licence, Invitation, Policy or Vehicle serial number
  • Enter Date of birth
  • Submit then you’re linked or not.

From there...


Users can self serve all insurance needs

From quotes to purchase, payments to renewals, policyholders can handle the vast majority of their insurance transactions within Basedrive, making insurance more convenient for them.

Insurance Options
Proof of Insurance

Consult their policy

Users who have a valid policy in effect can view and display electronic / digital proof of insurance when required by law enforcement or in case of an accident.


Consult and pay Invoices

At a glance, policyholders can instantly see the details of their monthly invoices, while seeing the impact from usage and driving safety on the actual price


Invoice Mobile