User self help

Users can instantly access all the information they need regarding the program, as well as the genral conditions, contest and rewards rules, insurance coverage & detailed policy information, frequently asked questions and tutorials for the many features of the application.


Historical annual detailed invoices & payment

It is easy for clients to go back in time up to 12 months to see the historic billing information for every invoice related to the policy.

Invoices List
New Claim-1

Initiating a claim

In the even of a claim, users can easily submit a request for handling a claim for the following types; collision, vehicle theft, vandalism, fire,  and water damage.


Capturing visual information

Pictures are worth a thousand words, sometimes more.  In the event of a claim, it is easy to submit all related pictures to the event, instantly making the information available to the claims managers.

Claims Pic
Claim Location

Documenting the scene

Thanks to Basedrive's powerful telematics capabilities, it is easy to reconstruct the precise information surrounding the scene of the accident.


Request assistance

By phone (using standard phone)

By chat (using integrated chat)

By e-mail (using a pre-set support address)

Access online help (using configurable user guide)

Odometer Capture

Select from multiple vehicles

User can choose to view information for any vehicle for which they are authorized

Update their actual mileage 

Capture and transmit odometer reading

Taking a picture & typing value