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A trend has emerged in the past few years; insurance partners want to provide their policyholder and prospects with rewards for safe driving, not only rebates.  Basedrive platform allows our insurance partners to to design interactive and compelling engagement programs, attracting new clients, delighting existing ones, and helping all users become better drivers.



Leaderboard Mobile

The Leaderboard

Our leaderboard allows users to compare themselves against other drivers in the program, ranked by how many coins they've earned.  The leaderboard is reset every month, allowing everyone the chance to make it to the top, and win prizes that are offered monthly.  The leaderboard is also a great way to have users invite their firends to the program as well. They can compare themselves against all users, or only their friends.

The Badges 

Providing users with the opportunity to earn badges (Bronze, Silver, Gold) is a great way to encourage longer term safe driving habbits.  Each level is harder to earn, but offers many more coins than the last.  By default, Basedrive has badges for each of the 6 driving behaviors it tracks, but others can be added in Command Center by insurers.

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The Missions

When insurers want to promote user behaviors which are not directly measurable by driving habits alone, we have created Missions.  These are programmed by insurers in Command Center and can be configured as one-time, or recurring missions which encourage things like completing courses, watching videos, going to websites, usage of the app and customer loyalty.  Each mission completion also provides more coins to the user.


Convert Hard Earned Coins to Rewards

Within Basedrive, users can see a listing of every time they've earned and spend coins, with their balance.

Users can then opt to convert their coins into one of the available Gift Cards, or use them towards a  purchase voucher in real time, when at a participating restaurant or retailer, which they can see on the map.

All of the historical purchases of Gift Card or Vouchers with earned coins are visible in Basedrive.

Mobile Rewards