Non Insured Dashboard

Personal Dashboard

Users can instantly see the driving details of their last trip, last week, last month and lifetime.  As well, they can see how many missions, badges, coins and rewards they've earned.


Trip details

Users can consult any trip they've driven and see where they drove, and at what points they may have driven better than others.

Trip History
Trip Detail - Legend

Easy to read icons

It is very easy to know precisely where certain specific behaviors could have been better


Trip disqualification

Sometimes the user of the smartphone is not the driver, or actually driving a vehicle when a trip is recorded.  In these situations, users are able to disqualify a trip manually, allowing our algorithms to improve their ability to detect this automatically in the future.

Mode of Transport
Pay Per Use Dashbaord

Pay-as-you-go Dashbaord

Policyholders who chose this insurance option can see how their connected insurance program is progressing in real time, showing scores, rewards, and estimated next monthly invoice, with total transparency.  Here are a few of the important indicators:

  • Distance driven in current month
  • Spending estimate in current month
  • Last trip cost & score
  • 6 month history of cost, distance, score

14 Powerful driver scoring criteria

Basedrive handles many real time behavioral information from over 14 sources, allowing insurers to craft very specialized insurance programs, pricing as well as unique rewards and user engagement programs.

Here are just a few of the behavioral, usage and contextual data points which Basedrive manages with Command Center.