You're in the palm of your customers hands

Anyone using a smartphone app today expects that they can perform all they need from within.  For this reason, we've designed Basedrive to use SMS only for the initial invitaiton and PassportID confirmation, e-mails for the very occasional, administrative communications (such as printing the policy or invoices) and send/receive all other messages in real time, within Basedrive, from an inbox or a chat messaging client.

Basedrive allows mobile users to create their accounts in an instant, without the need for cumbersome passwords to remember. We call this 'The Passport'.  Through SMS validation, mobile users have a permanent account which will forever be tied to their mobile phone number and follow them on all Baseline applications.  When inviting existing policyholders to join, or linking new policyholders that purchase within the Basedrive app, we validate that they are indeed who they claim to be, based on their nightly arrival to their declared and official home address,   

This eliminates the need for users to have to remember yet another User name & Password, and even allows users to switch from one participating insurance partner to another, carrying their lifetime accumulated and personal information with them.

Below are settings that mobile users can modify regarding their Passport account.

Communications / Live Chat