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Basedrive allows insurers to create highly customized Connected Insurance programs. Each is unique and tailored to achieve very specific business outcomes. Here are some of the most notable aspects of the solution, without listing them all.

Key Features



Inviting existing clients through sms to download the app is a simple process with Basedrive & Command Center. 


Account Creation

Users create their passport account; a permanent and unique account...


Basedrive allows you to fully digitize your customer onboarding and product origination operations...


Link to Policy

Link to policy: Through the app, existing policyholders can easily link to their accounts...

Profile & Settings

New profiles can be set up quickly and pain-free...



Allows users to see the most important information relating to their insurance in one place


Quote & Purchase

Allow non policyholders to easily request quotes and purchase a new policy from their smartphone

billing and payment (1)

Billing & Payment

Through the dashboard, policyholders can see how their connected insurance program...


Insurance Self-Serve

Allowing digital native customers to experience every aspect of their insurance from their smartphone.



A trend has emerged; insurance partners are wanting to provide their prospects and policyholders with ‘rewards...


Engagement & Support

Having a user download and start using a smartphone application is just the beginning.

Vehicle diagnostics

Vehicle diagnostics

When programs include a bluetooth Basebit, connected vehicle diagnostics create amazing experiences.



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Your Very Own Connected Insurance App

Connect with your customers through their smartphones.

Are you an insurer who wants to create your very own Connected Insurance solution? Basedrive is the ideal platform for personal auto insurers looking to launch a turn-key connected insurance smartphone application solution using their own branding.

Unique to your brand and tailored to your specific business goals, we'll hand you your very own connected insurance solution.