Mobile 1st Insurance

Creating insurance products that are easy to purchase on a 7 inch screen, while being profitable for insurers is not simple.  Over the years we have transformed the lessons learnt from the many programs we've designed into Command Center, making it easier than ever to launch programs your customers will love as much as your CFO.

Quote Builder

Simplified quotes

When creating insurance programs from a smartphone, traditional pricing and underwriting techniques don't cut it.  We've built the best practices into Command Center to make things easier. 



Reinvented underwriting

To successfully convert a prospect to a customer on a smartphone, we help simplify underwriting by leveraging telemetry information users proved without knowing.  

Rating Engine

Real time rating

Even today's best insurance platforms aren't designed to handle rate generation based on live data feeds.  Command Center is the solution.



Telematics device logistics

When delivering insurance solutions which require bluetooth devices tethered to the user's smartphone, Command Center helps insurers manage the process end-to-end 


Simple yet accurate coverage

Insurance is inherently not a simple financial product.  Command Center helps insurers convey concise and accurate coverage information to mobile users without overloading them with more than they can handle.



On demand / as needed coverage

Being connected in real time to policyholders provides unprecedented opportunities to detect precise moments where micro-coverage insurance protection may be a good idea.  By using the Workflow in Command Center, these moments can trigger quotes when your clients will appreciate them. 

Service on Demand-1
Vehicle Information

Vehicle Management

Although your smartphone using prospects and policyholders generate incredibly valuable information in Command Center, so too do their vehicles when equipped with a bluetooth Basebit device.