A Policy Administration System & More

Command Center is our cloud based Connected Insurance Platform which not only connects to existing Policy Administration Systems, it often plays the role as the PAS for innovative insurance programs created and launched by our insurance partners.

Nowhere as complicated as traditional core insurance systems, Command Center simply doesn't need to be. The reason; when creating customer-centric insurance solutions centered on a smartphone user experience, policyholders serve themselves, avoids all of the complexities of today's insurance software and operations.

Command Center is the result of many years of designing connected insurance solutions, built from real-world implementations requiring high volume connected insurance operations in a mobile world, where every policyholder and prospect has a smartphone.

Key Features

360° Profile

Interact with prospects and policyholders live from their smartphones.


Connected Insurance

Create & sell innovative insurance products specifically for mobile users.

Policy Administration

Manage high frequency, real time and valuable customer interactions.


Configure the app’s colours, logos and copy to be inline with your brand.


Build unique algorithms which convert behavioural information to live risk indicators.


Use scoring to incentivize and reward positive user behaviour and habits.

Stored information

Command Center is a very powerful platform, storing and managing all information in one place.

End-to-end Architecture

Our approach is to provide you with 100% of the required connected insurance components.


Powerful API's

Connected insurance programs always require some form of integration to existing systems. We've made that easy.


Hosted on Amazon Web Services

Command Center runs on AWS, the leading cloud provider for banks, insurers, governments, and the military.

Converting Real Time Information

It is now easier than ever to obtain massive amounts of information from smartphone users. Interpreting and transforming this information into meaningful insurance products and pricing outcomes is what Command Center does best. Command Center is the center point which orchestrates your customer's digital experience. 

Infinitely Configurable

Command Center is a constantly evolving, and highly configurable solution that can be adapted to meet very specific connected insurance product needs including; testing operations, internal use cases, adoption within each business function, stakeholder attitudes, systems, maintain lessons learned logs, monitor, test, reviewing and adjusting along the way.

Easy to Use

Command Center is a simple to use web-based portal designed for many roles within an insure to use it in the various phases of product design, implementation, launch and ongoing customer support. Our goal is to help our insurance partners unify their digital initiatives, within their existing landscape of systems and procedures. At the heart of it all are holistic customer engagement best practices across people, processes, products and promotion.