Baseline celebrates successful Brazilian expansion today

By Lyne Potvin on Nov 7, 2018 12:35:30 PM


Yesterday, after over 2 years of hard work by my team and our international legal, accounting and fiscal advisors, Baseline serviços de telematica ltda, our wholly owned operatting subsidiary in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has finally been incorporated and is operational as of this morning.

It as an amazing achievement for all of us, a milestone we were eager to achieve. We started our operations in Brazil over 2 years ago. The opening of our Brazilian office will help continue the growth of our successful partnership and commercial operations in Brazil and Latin America.

Our success in Brazil has even led to an unplanned opening of a new base of operations last month in Lisbon, Portugal, in great part due to the linguistic and cultural similarities.

International growth is not always easy to plan and forecast. When well executed, it can be very rewarding.

Above, a picture of the team with partners in Sao Paulo in 2016

Tonight, I'm honored to have been invited by our Brazilian legal advisor Anne-Catherine Brunschwig to a Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada reception this evening hosted by her firm GT Lawyers.  The event is located at the National Bank's headquarters in Montreal, on the 4th floor, the office of the President.

Our CEO, Paul-André Savoie, will be one of 3 entrepreneurs invited to tell their stories, with the highs and lows, about how they succeeded in this amazing yet very different international market.

I'd like to extend an invitation to my long time business friends and collaborators to attend this evening to learn more about the story behind’s international growth achievements, and more specifically about out expansion to Brazil. Click here to sign up and attend at no cost.

The image on the left is a link to one of the marketing campaigns that our partner Porto Seguro, the largest insurance company in Latin America, undertook several months ago to launch this initiative.

By clicking here or on the image, you'll be able to see the incredible work that was undertaken by our team, as well as theirs.


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At, we work hard, really hard. Our team comes in every day and busts their humps. Our goal: to create the next, big and greatest insurance solution! So far, we're well on our way towards a prosperous future with Drivn,, Baseline, Behaev and Command Center, it's an exciting time to be an employee here. Our staff comes in early, leaves late, does the occasional weekend when they need to. One of our coders claimed to have dreamt in code. Weirdly, that dream code of his ended up being the answer to a coding problem we had for ages. 

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