Inside Baseline: Promoting top talent from within to lead our Software team

Sep 7, 2018 12:41:05 PM

Finales-Impression-32Lyne Potvin, our COO, is pleased to announce the appointment of Stéphane Ouellet to the position of Software Development Manager at

“Stéphane’s numerous successes with us are a continuation of his prior career achievements. His ambitions are in line with the new challenges that he'll help us navigate through. It is always very rewarding when we have the best fit for key roles in times when we really need them.” says’s CEO, Paul-André Savoie.

For nearly 3 years Stéphane has played critical roles in the growth of our company as we transformed ourselves from a mainly professional service to a SaaS software company. His promotion from implementation manager to this new role is a natural progression given his knowledge of our solutions, our industry and the team he will be managing.

Concerning Stéphane’s recent promotion, Lyne said “In the last 2 years Stéphane has been instrumental in the delivery and support of our solutions. I am very proud of what he’s achieved with us.”  She continues to add “His keen sense for customer satisfaction coupled with his attention to detail and a natural leadership ability are 3 innate talents which are key to successfully navigating our development team to the next level.”  

Stephane’s main objectives are to bridge the gap between planning and actual execution of our short, medium and long term product development roadmap.  A mix of leadership and management will pave the way for increased output with higher employee satisfaction.

“I want to establish the best level of communication possible between our various teams - the product, support, dev and QA teams - and have them collaborating to create awesome products that will wow our customers .” says Stéphane. “All this great talent working together towards a common goal; everyone can expect to be impressed!”

Stéphane is a graduate of Laval University with a Bachelor’s in Science in Mathematics, as well as a certificate in teaching. After graduation, began his career in the insurance industry at Aon Hewitt. His initiation was in actuarial analysis and he quickly worked his way up to implementation lead, where he lead a large team to deliver impressive solutions, always meeting or exceeding their needs and requirements. He later moved on to join SSQ Financial Group, where he further developed his strengths as a project coordinator overseeing his team to help customers meet their needs.

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Throughout his career, Stéphane has always worked for companies specializing in both financial and insurance services, guiding software teams and coordinating their efforts with quality assurance, development cycles and customer requirement management to develop truly successful solutions and products. Stéphane’s vast industry experience, great performance and unique management abilities make him the best candidate we could have ever wished for.

Stéphane joined us as a Project Manager in 2016. His belief is that the best way to serve a customer is to work hand in hand to discover what their true needs are. That philosophy quickly awarded him the reputation of being a manager who not only delivers results, but drives his team to deliver solutions that fulfill customer needs and goals.

Concerning Stéphane’s leadership, Lyne said “He is an excellent team leader, highly respected by all of us. Stéphane sets high standards every day, inspiring the team to deliver innovation, and quality to our clients.”

This promotion was one long coming and deserved for Stéphane.  It’s a key role in our next phase of growth, and we’re happy to be able to count on him to lead us all in the right direction.  We’re proud to see Stéphane grow his career further with us and are certain he’ll continue to amaze us with his collaborative approach.

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At, we’re looking towards a bright future thanks to Stéphane and the rest of our amazing team. Think you’ve got what it takes? Visit our careers page to see how you can join us.
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