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Sep 6, 2018 1:51:23 PM

Melanie TremblayLyne Potvin, our COO, is  pleased to announce the appointment of Melanie Tremblay as our new Director of Operations at Melanie will manage both our Customer Success and Quality Assurance teams, bringing her vast experience to further improve the quality and service levels we provide our clients.

“My main goal is to make every clients experience with us truly outstanding” says Melanie.

In the 6 weeks she has been with us, Melanie has already started laying down a solid foundation for growth and operational consistency. “Her eternal enthusiasm and breadth of experience in Quality Assurance and Client Services within the IT industry are strong assets for us. We have the greatest of confidence in the fact that Melanie will make a huge impact” says Paul-André Savoie,’s CEO.

Her past experience and accomplishments in this line of work will undoubtedly lead the teams she’s responsible for to unprecedented heights.

Lyne states “We have the greatest of confidence in the fact that Melanie will make a significant difference at  Her last employer grew from 30 to 350 people in the decade she was there. We’re 30 today, and look forward to a great decade with Melanie”.

Melanie is a graduate of Laval University with a BASc in Pre-School & Primary Education. While starting her career as a teacher, she quickly realized that she could easily apply these same skills in a tech setting. Skills that made her a great teacher: being a great communicator, being an inspiring leader, being able to help people realize their true skills and talents and apply them towards accomplishing a greater task, being able to both teach and learn from people she’s with - these were all things that would make her a great team leader in the technology arena.


 After a short teaching career, Melanie moved on to work at Oracle where she performed admirably as a Quality Assurance Project Lead for several years managing her team. She then joined Intelerad Medical Systems, using her skills and talents as a client services manager. She’s well known for her energetic and inspiring presence and her dedication to team members and clients. With her over 17 years experience specialized in supervision, training and product releases, we knew that Melanie would become an essential part of our team at Baseline moving forward.

We’re ecstatic to have Melanie join our team in this new role, ensuring continued success for our team and our clients through great leadership.

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Written by Rob Postuma

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