360° Profile

Interact with prospects and policyholders live from their smartphones




The place to go when you're looking for high level metrics on the many facets of your connected insurance program.

The reports vary based on user role and permissions, varying from pricing to customer engagement.


Passport User Health &  Journey

Making Connected Insurance seem easy to your policyholders is actually quite complex.  We've built many views that help identify choke points in our process, while helping users through them.

Users by Status & Journey
User Profile
Passport User Management
Traditional Policy Administration Systems are designed around policies.  Command Center puts mobile users at the center of things.  Engaging with users of a smartphone app, often before they are clients, requires a whole new mindset and tool set.  Either as a stand alone, or an extension of your existing Policy Admin System, Command Center is the gateway to Connected Insurance.

Mobile Customer Service

Connected Insurance policyholders naturally expect everything to be done through the app they're using, not only portions of the insurance journey. Command Center makes all this is possible from day one.



Mobile User Status, Stage & Segment

Attracting, converting and retaining mobile users requires massive attention and effort.  With our reports, it's easy to know how your program is doing, and optimize workflows and communications along the way.


Configurable Workflows

The secret to improving attraction, adoption, engagement and retention is to design communication strategies which are not too frequent, while being timed correctly and valuable.  Command Center allows marketing managers to measure and adapt as needed.