Insurance, made mobile

Consumers perceive insurance as complicated and a hassle. Insurers are having a hard time adapting to the new technologies needed to better serve their clients.

Our mission; empower insurers in a mobile world.


Constantly Experimenting

We aren't chemists, but almost. We're always combining new elements, adapting insurance to the digital age.

We create amazing customer experiences.

Imagination at work

Being innovative requires ambition, courage and determination. Our experience and solutions enable insurers to attain their full potential.

It all starts by working differently.


In the news

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We are Connected Insurance

Improving insurance doesn’t ever have to be complex, nor does it require the time and financial implications of traditional digital transformation projects. Our solutions eliminate the need to try and get rigid and disconnected legacy systems to do things they were never built to do.

We allow insurers to quickly implement a scalable, cloud bases platforms that eliminates complex digitization by unifying old and new data in one single hub. 

At the heart of our most popular connected insurance deployments solutions are the following Baseline solutions:


Connected insurance programs are far more than just mobile applications; they require entirely new customer engagement, policy administration and product design capabilities.  Command Center is all that and more, available to insurers as a simple and secure online monthly subscription solution. 

Basedrive logo

This is the ideal platform for personal auto insurers looking to launch a turn-key connected insurance smartphone application, using their own brand.


Available soon, this app is designed for anyone to download, earning rewards and connecting them to participating insurers in their region.

cityworks (1)-1

Exclusively for municipal employees, this app helps them provide better service and safer cities to their residents. Cityworks is often sponsored by municipal insurers. 


An app-based safety recognition program allowing commercial drivers to earn and redeem rewards while their fleets obtain connected insurance coverage from our partners.

Some of our Basedrive powered achievements


Converting safety conscious drivers to policyholders in Brazil

carpass-app (1)

Offering pay-per-use insurance to online digital banking clients in France


Providing valuable discounts to existing policyholders in Canada


Allowing traditional banking clients to discover their driving habits


Innovating with Europe’s first connected insurance based on usage & behaviour


Helping save lives of young drivers between the ages of 16 to 24


Nothing to purchase

Our entire suite of solutions are provided as a simple monthly subscription, with much of our pricing based on successful business outcomes. Your success is our success, literally.

Mitigate risks

Our solutions allow our insurance partners to better understand and reduce underwriting risks. Our pricing model is designed so that possible technological, logistical and commercial risks related to our deployments are mitigated as well.

Never obsolete

We invest heavily on continuous improvement. Our solutions are always evolving on a global scale to meet and exceed the demands of our insurance partners; whom rightfully demand that security and capabilities evolve, and redundancies are eliminated.

We Deliver Digital


1. Self Service

70 percent of millennials expect a company website to include a self-service application. 40% prefer self-service over human service.

2. Immediate Help

25 percent of millenials expect a response from a customer service team in 10 minutes via social media.

3. Authenticity

No scripts, no robots. Millenials want to walk to talk to brands informally, on their chosen media, and expect the brand to match their style.

4. Personal Service

Millennials want brands to know about them, to understand their problem and use their history to shape solutions just for them.


5. Problem Solved

Millennials want their problem solved, first time around, on the channel they choose. 25% will leave a brand after 1 bad experience.

6. Help where they want it

Millennials want to interact with agents where it suits them, be it Facebook, Twitter, email, web chat or phone.

7. Mobile First

Customer service should be mobile friendly. I.e. free to call, sites should be responsive for web chat and self-service for any device.

8. Save Time

Millennials value their time more than almost anything else. They want their query resolved first time, whatever the channel they use.

We're accessible, not overbearing 

The average adult spends at least 35 hours per month using a smartphone (far more for younger users), while the average policyholder thinks of insurance only 7 minutes per year.

Today’s digital native policyholder expects no less from their insurance provider than they do from any other product or service they now use from their smartphone.  Everything is becoming an app, are you ready ? 

  • 89% of smartphone usage are apps (compared to using a mobile browser)

  • 85% of users prefer native applications vs. mobile web pages

  • 52% of all time spent by users on a mobile device is consulting digital media

  • 42% of e-commerce sales are now from smartphone apps, not web portals, for the top 500 e-merchants

Our Proven Track Record

For nearly a decade, we've used a 'crawl, walk, run' approach to help insurers go from thinking about launching a connected insurance program, to actually doing it. It's never been easier or more cost effective to develop innovative insurance solutions which policyholders want.


Launching with Baseline can be done in as little as 12 weeks.







Internal Pilot



Seeing is Believing

Let us show you the power of our solution, in action.

Simply fill in the form on the right and we'll send you more information about our solutions. Creating connected insurance programs has never been easier. We'd be delighted to share our experience with you. Working with Baseline is a great decision insurers have been making for nearly a decade:

  • 20 + connected insurance projects 
  • Millions of policyholders already connected
  • Insurance partners spanning the globe

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