We're proud to partner with some of the world's largest insurance companies, developing solutions using the latest mobile technologies to help people live safer lives, without even noticing it.

It's rare that consumers actually think of insurance. In a recent survey, it was found out that on average the typical policyholder thinks about their insurance coverage maybe 7 minutes a year. Insurance is not something that most consumers really understand, nor something they look forward to dealing with.

Insurance isn't something "exciting". It's not something that consumers want to think about more than they have to -  even then it's a chore. Of course, if disaster happens, it's at the top of their concerns. It's difficult to market insurance as anything other than easy, cost effective and secure...until now.


Used by dozens of insurers around the world since 2010 to delight millions of policyholders with connected insurance products. Named after it’s purpose, Command Center is where insurers create engaging smartphone based insurance solutions, and manage every interaction to ensure their policyholders are delighted. Creating better insurance products requires better foundations which break away, yet work well with existing insurance management platforms (not to say legacy!).

Command Center keeps things simple. Connected insurance puts the power of self-service into the hands of the policyholder, literally. This simplifies and often eliminates the need for traditionally complicated back-office systems, operated by very large teams.

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An extremely configurable iOS and Android mobile solution designed to allow our insurance partners to create and launch their own Connected Insurance program, under their own brand, within very tight deadlines, at a fixed price, with very high quality levels.

Basedrive is the best solution for insurers wanting to launch a program under their own app store & brand, without having to manage the long term evolution of a smartphone application. It's all included in Basedrive's licensing model.

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A rewards program designed for commercial fleets and their drivers, sponsored by Baseline and other corporations around the world who want to make the roads a safer place for everyone. Drivn allows road-safety conscious employers and their drivers to convert every safe trip into real benefits.

By downloading the Drivn app, commercial drivers instantly begin earning coins from every safe trip driven. They can then redeem their coins into convertible gift cards from a variety of sponsored restaurants and retailers.

By enrolling in Drivn, commercial fleet operators also earn Drivn coins, convertible into cash-back credits and discounts from participating sponsors.

Growing every day, Drivn has already partnered with several truck manufacturers, fuel providers, and insurance companies.

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A connected car insurance program designed for today’s smartphone savvy drivers. Anyone can download the Behaev app to earn Behaev coins for every safe trip they drive. In markets with participating sponsors, safe drivers can redeem their Behaev coins for gift cards from partner restaurants and stores.

In regions with participating insurers, drivers can use Behaev to instantly get insurance quotes from multiple insurers. The Beheav insurance program is invoiced monthly, with prices that can easily decrease based on how well, or how much you drive.

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City.works is smartphone based public service initiative sponsored by insurers across Canada to help transform their municipalities into smart cities. City.works empowers employees from cities, municipalities and townships to seamlessly improve their public safety practices while providing higher levels of service to their residents, with greater efficiency.

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Making insurance invisible

Creating insurance programs which are based on actual real-time risk requires an incredible amount of behavioral information.  Baseline has developed a revolutionary iOS and Android software component to perform this task, we call it:  Slingshot. It's found in all of our applications, and providesl the information our solutions need.

Sometimes we require behavioral information that a smartphone alone simply couldn't capture.  In these cases, we've developed two Bluetooth accessories, Basebit and Co-pilot, which pair  together with our mobile applications just like fitness trackers.  


We’ve eliminated the need for usernames & passwords. Users simply create their permanent and unique accounts by using their mobile phone number as their identifier, validated by SMS. It works across all Baseline applications, and even allows users to switch from one participating insurance partner to another. Users keep lifetime accumulated and personal information with them.


Where the CommandCenter platform truly shine is through the amazing insurance apps (auto, commercial and municipal) and extensions that build truly customized, differentiated insurance products.


Easy to access and easy to modify. The Command Center API is a RESTful Internet protocol built around making semantically meaningful HTTPS requests to access or modify a resource (usually done by an employee). The API can be used to manipulate employee data and to generate reports in several formats.


All of our smartphone applications have two things in common; they all connect to Command Center, and they all contain Slingshot (our own SDK to silently detect, record and transmit everything we need to know about how our users drive, live, and dwell).


Our Behaev car insurance solution offers users the possibility of installing a BaseBit in their cars.  It's a small Bluetooth transponder which takes seconds to install, and offers more accurate vehicle usage measurement than the smartphone alone, for pay-per-use auto insurance programs, supported by several of our insurance partners.


Our commercial City.works and Drivn insurance solutions are designed to operate with either a smartphone only, or a smartphone & bluetooth transponder. With the Co-pilot, you have access to a wealth of extra information, such as: fuel economy, remote engine diagnostics, dashcam and much more.  The benefits for commercial dispatch & fleet applications are vast.